5 Best Utility Knife Picks for 2020

Best Utility Knife

Sometimes known as a Stanley Knife (particularly in the UK), a utility knife is a sharp and sturdy knife, traditionally with a fixed blade, which can be used for a number of purposes.  Used widely since the 1920s, the modern utility knife is available with different designs including those with retractable or folding blades. My … Read more

The Stiletto Knife [Complete Guide]

Stiletto Knife Guide

As a knife collector, I’ve tried out many different knives over the years. Some knives I’ve tried once or twice and forgotten about them. My time with the stiletto knife wasn’t one of those times. This is a knife that is both practical and a great display piece. It’s a knife that would make for … Read more

What Is Pakkawood? Does It Make A Great Knife Handle?

What Is Pakkawood? Does It Make A Great Knife Handle?

Pakkawood isn’t new. It’s an engineered material that has seen a lot of use since its conception. It’s strong, ultra-durable, and fairly water-resistant. In short, it makes for the perfect material for a knife handle. What Is Pakkawood? Pakkawood isn’t a natural material. Rather, it’s man-made. The result is a wood and resin composite that … Read more

The Ultimate Scalpel Guide for 2020

The Ultimate Scalpel Guide for 2020

When it comes to finding a super precise tool for all kinds of detailed cuts, I personally look to my collection of scalpels. Contrary to what you may believe, these tiny blades aren’t just for surgery. They’re also great for woodworking, precise fruit and vegetable cuts, and much, much more. This scalpel guide will help … Read more

6 Best Sushi Knives Reviewed for 2020

6 Best Sushi Knives Reviewed

There’s nothing quite like learning the art of crafting sushi. While there’s no doubt that sushi is delicious, it’s almost impossible to make without the proper equipment. That’s why I’ll be detailing some of the best sushi knives below. My Top 3 Sushi Knives I’ll also go over some of the best ways to use … Read more